Meet the Founder

Michael Sode has been working in finance, analytical and accounting industries for just under 15 years, starting his career as an apprentice at 18. 


Michael worked his way up through the industries, gaining a wealth of experience, skills, and qualifications. He also built up a network spanning multiple sectors.  This led him to found KBM Financial Focus and KBM EduWealth. 


Michael has a passion to help others, especially communities and peoples that are otherwise exploited. This led to him wanting to provide a service that truly supports the clients, in ways that truly benefit them. 


In the early stages of Michael’s career, he fell into financial difficulties, despite his knowledge.  He found there was limited help unless you were ready to pay copious amounts of money.  Even then, in a world where fraudulent activity is growing it was hard to establish reliable support.  To emerge from this situation, Michael relied on his own resources and began researching and devising an avenue in which he could become financially self-sufficient.  He then pledged to create a service that would make solutions the priority over financial gain.  


KBM Financial Focus was founded to allow clients to have a service that would be personalised to their need and their budget.  We provide the ability to take control of what clients need to do and learn to allow them to become self-sufficient. 


As the business started to grow, Michael identified a serious lack of financial education out there and set out to improve people’s financial literacy. This passion led to the formation of KBM EduWealth.  Delivering Financial workshops, programmes, and events, to build a strong financial foundation.  This acts as a prevention tool, reducing the risks of major financial issues. 


Michael enjoys working with his clients, to achieve their goals, aspirations, and dreams.